I Love Lucy has always been my favorite TV show of all time. While watching reruns I noticed that they always seem to be playing cards, so upon a recent binge watching of the entire series, I decided to keep track of just how much and which games. Here are my findings, complete with screenshots!

s01 e02 - Be A Pal

Poker, played by Ricky, Fred, Lucy and two of Ricky's band members. Lucy doesn't know how to play and makes a scene.

s01 e04 - Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her
Ethel uses cards as a fortune telling device and predicts that Lucy will meet death soon.

s01 e13 - The Benefit
Bridge, played by all 4.

s01 e16 - Lucy Fakes Illness
Ricky says "how about a game of cards?" and then "what will it be, bridge or canasta?". Ricky pulls out a deck of cards but they never end up playing. Later Ricky plays poker with some of his band members but asks to be dealt out.

s01 e21 - New Neighbors
Gin, played by Ricky and Ethel.

s01 e25 - Pioneer Women
Ricky and Fred play an unknown game, most likely Gin Rummy. Ricky says "You ever throw anything but deuces?". Later Lucy and Ethel play two handed canasta while waiting for their bread to bake.

s01 e31 - The Publicity Agent
Solitaire, played by Ricky. Lucy suggests they go to the Mertzes to play some cards, to which Ricky declines. Lucy asks "well what do you call what you're doing?" He replies "tiddly winks".

s02 e01 - Job Switching
Fred, talking about Lucy and Ethel, says "Every once in a while they get up and play canasta".

s02 e06 - Vacation From Marriage
Lucy tells Ethel "Tonight, instead of playing canasta, we're going to sit down and figure out the quickest way to de-clunk ourselves". Later Ricky plays solitaire. Fred comes out and yells at Ricky because the slapping of the cards is keeping him awake.

s02 e14 - Ricky Has Labor Pains
Other guys play poker in the background of the stag party.

s02 e17 - Sales Resistance
Ricky shuffles a deck of cards.

s02 e18 - The Inferiority Complex
All 4 set up to play bridge but never actually play it. Lucy says she is going to go to the bedroom to tell herself funny stories and play solitaire. They set up for bridge again later but once again don't play.

s02 e19 - The Club Election
All 4 set up for bridge but get into an argument and never play.

s02 e22 - No Children Allowed
Lucy and Ethel set up a bridge game and 6 ladies come over but they never get to the game because of a fight starting between Lucy and Ethel.

s02 e23 - Lucy Hires A Maid
Lucy says "were gonna play bridge with the Mertzes". Lucy falls asleep setting up the table and they don't play. Lucy mentions that playing cards with the Mertzes once a week is the only fun she has.

s02 e27 - Lucy Is Matchmaker
Lucy and Ethel play bridge with Caroline Appleby and one other lady.

s02 e29 - The Camping Trip
Lucy and Ethel play bridge with Caroline Appleby and one other lady.

s03 e06 - Lucy Tells The Truth
Lucy and Ethel play bridge at Caroline Applebys and are joined by Marion Strong.

s03 e08 - Redecorating The Mertzes' Apartment
Lucy and Ricky go across the hall to play canasta with the Mertzes. Ethel begins setting up but they never get around to playing.

s03 e20 - Home Movies
Lucy and Ethel deal for "draw poker" in the saloon scene but don't end up playing because Ethel's cowboy character accuses Lucy's cowboy character of cheating.

s03 e28 - Tennessee Ernie Visits
Ricky says "I thought we were going to play cards with the Mertzes?"

s03 e30 - The Golf Game
Lucy and Ethel play Gin while waiting for Ricky and Fred to practice golf.

s04 e03 - Lucy Cries Wolf
Lucy holds up a bridge game between Ricky, Fred and Ethel. She doesn't wat to play with "people that make fun" of her.

s04 e09 - Ethel's Birthday
All 4 are shown cleaning up after a game of cards they played after dinner.

s04 e19 - Lucy Gets Into Pictures
Lucy plays solitaire. The bellboy points out that she is cheating.

s04 e22 - Don Juan Is Shelved
Lucy pretends to play solitaire.

s04 e23 - Bull Fight Dance
Lucy cleans up cards from the card table where a bridge game was most likely played.

s04 e24 - Hollywood Anniversary
Ricky, Fred and Ethel play an unknown game, most likely bridge, while Lucy converses with them from beside the couch. Later Lucy plays Gin with her mother.

s04 e25 - The Star Upstairs
Ricky gets a phone call from Cornel Wilde and says "Sure, I'd love to play some gin". They are never shown playing though.

s05 e07 - Face To Face
Lucy and Ricky set up a card table. Fred gets a call and tells Ethel "lets go over and play some bridge". The Mertzes go over but end up not wanting to play.

s06 e05 - Visitor From Italy
Ricky and Lucy set up for bridge but are interrupted.

s06 e10 - Little Ricky's School Pageant
Lucy asks Ethel "how about playing some bridge tonight?" They later play "3 handed bridge" with Fred.

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

s01 e01 - Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana
Susie says "I think I'll play bridge tonight." Lucy says "fine, you do that, you're so good at bridge".

s02 e05 - Lucy's Summer Vacation
Lucy says to Ida Lupino "You know I wouldn't mind mind the boys fishing all day if they just didn't spend the evening playing gin rummy." Later Ricky and Howard Duff play gin rummy. The girls try everything to get them to pay attention to them. When it doesn't work and the boys go to bed, they play old maid.