The windows as I recieved the car. There was almost no black band left. Thankfully no water had gotten up underneath there and onto my gas tanks:

I skipped the whole guitar string and dowel rod method usually reccomended for this and tried just using knives. The three main tools that I found extremely helpful are a long serrated bread knife, a Swiss Army Knife with a saw, and a can of cooking oil (Pam). The Swiss Army Knife saw has a side by side tooth design that almost doubles the quickness of a cut and with the addition of cooking oil on the blade, make it seem like a butterknife through warm butter. 

The window area right after the glass came out:

The glass, out, with tape on the outside for reference as to where the black band stops::

I used a small razor blade very carefully to get the black band off of the windows. The larger side is a different material (ceramic) and does not come off.

The stuff I used to redo the black is "3M Single Step Primer, part #08681". It was applied in one or two coats using a foam / sponge brush until light did not show through teh black anymore.

After redoing the black band:

The car prepped to respray the black ledge under the window. It got scuffed in the window removal process:

As I went to put the window back in, I noticed my band was peeling away from the window. This was most likely due to bad prep work. I evidently did not clean the windows good enough with the glass cleaner and some of teh chemical got left on them:

The windows redone AGAIN, this time taking way more time and care with the prep process as well as using a higher grade glass cleaner:

Lower ledge painted and glass area primed and ready for newly redone windows:

In order to bond the windows back in place I used "3M Window Weld Super Fast Urethane, part #08609".

IN! Some of the black ledge came off when I peeled back the masking tape. This will be redone soon: