The car in the header picture is a photoshop example of what my car will look like when it is all done. Please click a link below to go to that section!

Wheels / Suspension

Engine / Transmission / Performance


Completed mods:

Mod: Description: Work done by: Status: Cost: Pics
Front Indicators The front orange turn signal indicators were tinted black to fit with the theme of the car. Me COMPLETED 07/30/12 $5.00
Install / Process Pics
Rear Corner Markers The rear orange corner markers were tinted red to match the rest of the rear lens panel. Me COMPLETED 07/28/12 $5.00
Install / Process Pics
Nose Badge The green and yellow nose badge was be replaced with a black and silver one to go along with the overall color scheme of the car. Me

From Blackwatch Racing Group
COMPLETED 08/21/11 $75.00
Vanity License Plate Custom vanity license plate that reads "ESPREEE". When I was young I always called it the Espirit. This is just a reminder to everyone else of the name! Me

COMPLETED 08/08/09 $108.00
Lower Front Chin Spoiler Front lower rubber spoiler that goes under the front nose of the car for better airflow around the front end. (not completed)

part received 10/14/2010

From Steven Branda
Still needs to be installed. $45.00
1993 SE Spoiler A spoiler off of the limited edition 1993 model Esprit SE. It is more agressive then the standard SE spoiler. Click HERE for a comparison picture. (not completed)

part recieved 04/27/09

From ebay
Still needs to be painted red and installed. $305.00

X180R Canards The front wheel arches will be modified with wind splitter "canards" as seen on the Esprit X180R race cars. (Seen HERE (not completed)

parts recieved 06/19/09

From Lotus Ltd. parts sale
Still needs to be painted red and installed.  $135.00
Tailgate The back tailgate will be replaced with an open rear hatch from a post 1992 Esprit. This will get rid of the ugly "glassback" design. (not completed)

Parts recieved 09/11/09

From ebay
Still needs vent grilles and to be painted and installed $615.00

Still to be completed:

Mod: Description Example pic:
License plate plinth The rear cheap looking license plate surround area will be replaced with a flat S4s license plate plinth panel, with the badge recess filled in. (SJSportsCars Part # B082B5183F, 89.50 GBP)

Engine Cover In orde rto use the upgraded tailgate, a new engine cover will need to be installed.
Windows The windows will be tinted all around.

Mesh All of the wire mesh around every intake will be replaced with up-to-date wire mesh.

Side Markers The USA spec side marker lenses will eventually be deleted for a smoother front end appearance.
Side Markers Euro style side markers will be installed.
Headlight Main Beams The circuitry will be modified so that all 4 headlights come on together.
Headlight Bulbs The dim stock bulbs will be replaced with better H4 bulbs.
Taillight Bulbs The taillight bulbs will be replaced with brighter and more energy efficient LED bulbs.
Triangle The V8 style triangle sticker will be applied for the false streamline appearance.
Paint Eventually the entire car will be repainted with the original Calypso Red paint it came with due to sun fading on the current panels..


Completed mods:

Mod: Description: Work done by: Status: Cost: Pics
Wheels ESM-004 wheels, 19x9.5 rears with 5x120 bolt pattern, 40 offset and 72.6 center bore,  and 18x8 fronts with 5x120 bolt pattern, 35 offset and 72.6 center bore. (not completed)

parts received 08/17/11

From ESM Wheels
Still need tires and to install $1080.00
Wheel Centercaps Custom made centercap stickers to fit over the existing centercaps, featuring the black and silver Lotus logo. parts received 09/15/11

From Wrap City Graphics
Still need to install on wheels when wheels are done being painted. $37.55
GAZ Adjustable Shocks Gaz adjustable coilovers. (not completed)

parts received 10/29/08

From GAZ Shocks UK
Still need tires and to install $509.82
Spring Perch Adapters Spring perch adapters so that the new springs sit properly without moving. Machined to fit 2.50 inch springs. (not completed)

parts received 09/15/10

From Sanjaya Vatuk
Still need tires and to install $135.00
Bolt Pattern Adapters Custom adapters made to go from the 5x108 bolt pattern to the new 5x120 bolt pattern. They will act as spacers as well, to push out the wheels to the proper offset. They are both 60mm hub centric and 72.6 wheel centric. Fronts are 28.7mm / 1.13 inch thick, rears are 35.7mm / 1.41 inch thick. 14mm x 1.5mm by 25mm thread length conical bolts from the adapter to the car hub and 12mm x 1.5 studs from the adapter to the new wheel. (not completed)

parts received 09/28/11

Still need tires and to install $315
Springs H&R Springs.

Fronts - 200mm length, 60mm ID, 286lbs, H&R part number RF200050
Rears - 250mm length, 60mm ID, 229lbs, H&R part number RF250040
(not completed)

Parts received 03/21/13

Still need to install $251.76

Still to be completed:

Mod: Description: Example Pic:
Tires Tires will be Falken FK452s all around. Fronts will be 215/35/18 and the rears will be 275/30/19.

Source: ?? - ($658 shipped)

Adjustable Rear Upper Links Adjustalbe upper links in order to correct alignment when lowering the car.

Source: Local club member ($150)


Completed mods:

Mod: Description: Work done by: Status: Cost: Pics
Carbon Fiber Dash Original wood grain dash fascia replaced with a carbon fiber panel. Previous owner COMPLETE (?)

Still to be completed:

Mod: Description Example pic:
Radar detector
A Valentine-1 radar detector will be hard wired into the car.

Head Unit A dual DIN touchscreen head unit will be installed in the console.

Computer The head unit will be wired to a Mac Mini in order to run Freescan and Espritmon through the console display.
Digital Guages All of the old guages will be replaced with digital guages.
Speakers New speakers will go in all around.

Chrome GT3 shifter knob Shifter knob will be replaced with a new chrome GT3 style shift knob.

Chrome heater control panel knobs All of the knobs for the heater controls will be replaced with chrome fluted knobs.
Sill panels The Sill panels will get black and chrome "Esprit" sill panel covers.

Shift Lights Shifter Lights will be installed to help with smoother shifts
Lighting All of the interior lights such as the dome light and door edge courtesy lights will be replaced with LED lights.
Steering wheel The current steering wheel will be replaced with a new Momo or Nardi steering wheel.

Pedals The current pedals will be replaced with drilled racing pedals.

Safety For safety, a battery shutoff switch and fire extinguisher will be installed somewhere in the cabin.

Seats Sport 300 bucket racing seats with color matching backs will replace the current seats.

Leather The leather will eventually be all replaced with magnolia / cream instead of dark tan and the carpet will eventually be replaced with black or grey carpet.


Completed mods:

Mod: Description: Work done by: Status: Cost: Pics
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Still to be completed:

Mod: Description Example pic:
Clutch hose
The stock clutch line (red hose) will be replaced with a stainless braided clutch line.

Short Shift The shifter linkage will be modified to give the shifter a shorter throw.
ECU The ECU will get a #3 high torque chip.

Air Filter The stock air filter will be replaced with a K&N air filter, model #33-2784.

Exhaust The exhaust system will be replaced with straight pipe from the turbo back to a Magnaflow dual-outlet muffler, model 14267, 3 inch inlet, 2.5 inch outlet.

Blow off valve A Blow off valve will be fitted.

Ram air The ram-air modification will be done to the passenger side air intake.

Turbo A bigger turbo will eventually be fitted.

Injectors Bosch primary injectors and bigger secondary injectors will eventually be fitted.

Clutch A higher torque clutch will be installed if the current clutch ever dies.

Brakes The brake system will be completely re-done with cross drilled / slotted disc brakes with bigger rotors.