03/30/2014 - THE CAR HAS BEEN SOLD!!!!

07/28/12 - Things are moving along, albeit slow. I have started doing one small thing to the car per week as I save for the rest of my suspension project. Start checking the modifications page more frequently because I plan on getting some of the smaller ones taken care of before winter as well! I have also added a direct link in the navigation tabs avoe to the "museum" that showcases my collection of Esprit SE related memorabilia, literature and collectibles. Please note that I am offering a $10 reward to anyone who can help me locate the few remaining items that I do not have on there!

06/14/12 - (Insert apology for lack of updates here). Things did not progress with the Esprit the way I wanted them to last year due to financial situations. Things are back on track and I should have the suspension / wheels / tires project done by the end of the summer! I have also added a list of "things to do" to the maintenance page and willl be adding a couple more fun sections to the "about the Esprit" section pretty soon! Stay tuned!

09/08/11 - Once again, sorry for the lack of updates on this main page. If you have been following this site closely, you probably noticed that the subsections have been updated quite regularly like the media section and the modifications section. The wheel / tire / suspension project is well on its way with the parts I need arriving at a regular rate. I just need a few more things and the mounting and installation should take place this fall / winter so expect a very large update in the spring when the car finally rolls out with new shoes and a new stance! Until then, keep checking the subsections for the updates!

10/16/10 - Did a little cleaning today and got rid of some unneeded files and also added the little blurb you see to the right with all of the car VIN and production data. Overtime is paying off. Expect little bits and pieces of my wheel/tire/suspension project to start being obtained soon!

08/26/10 - Good news! I'm not dead! There has been very little activity on this site in the past year and I apologize for this. I moved into a new apartment late last year and all of my money and time has been going into taking care of real life (bills, bills and oh yeah.... bills) instead of fun toys like the Esprit. I have been taking it out to car shows and putting some miles on it and I have been trying to keep up with pictures of the car at those shows in the "Gallery" section. I have also been adding little bits here and there to the literature museum as I still am collecting everything I can find SE related. Hopefully this winter can provide me with some extra overtime so I can start checking some items off of the modification list! Stay tuned!

08/08/09 - Lotsa site updates! The Media gallery has been getting updated with new pictures every month. A couple new modifications in the mods section and I am very proud to announce the unofficial online virtual museum of Lotus Esprit SE related collectibles, literature etc. Click HERE to be taken directly to it! More updates coming soon! I may even get header pictures for all the pages soon! Ha!

05/04/09 - The site with the exception of a few minor details should be complete and running perfect! The "Media" section now has all of the pictures from every show with my car and the "Modifications" section is now current and has a more appealing layout. There are actual mods coming soon too!

04/23/09 - The "Media" section is now oficially complete! It now has a ton of pictures from every car show Ive been to and every photoshoot Ive done! Enjoy! Updates to other site sections coming very soon too!

04/22/09 - Long time no update! Ive got some free time soon and the media gallery should be getting a revamp with lots of pictures to look at! A few modifications are taking place on the car within the next month as well. I will post them here when they are complete!

10/06/08 - The "About The Esprit" section got a small update today and now features more technical information about the SE gathered in one place then any other site! Also, as of yesterday, my car is in storage for the season so expect the modifications to begin shortly! The media gallery will get some more pics soon as well.

09/28/08 - The "Links" section is up now which has a large list of links to various Lotus Esprit related sites, message boards, parts suppliers and other owner's home pages. Also up is the "About The Esprit" section featuring a very large collaboration of all the Esprit SE technical information I could find, compiled into one page. Every page should be working now, allbeit some may not have the header pictures load but there is still much more to do on the site!

09/25/08 - Greetings! This is the first official welcome to the site. I've had the site running for a while but only the media gallery was active as I've had lots of other things to do lately and neglected the site. Well, a few sections are working as of today. The modifications section is up, featuring pictures of all of the things I want to do or have done to my car. The maintenance log is up as well, featuring every single thing that has ever been done to my car since it was new and the mdeia gallery is up as well, featuring some close up high resolution images for your viewing pleasure. Still to come are more pics in the media gallery as well as an informative section about the Lotus Esprit in general and also links to various other Lotus Esprit websites that you may find helpful and interesting! Stay tuned!


Vehicle Identification / Chassis Number: SCCFC20BXLHF65473

VIN Coding Scheme (5th Digit): C - USA VIN Coding
Manufacturer Identifier Code: SCC - Uk Manufacturer, Lotus
Model: F - Esprit Turbo
Series: C - Series 3
Option: 2 - Heater & A/C
Engine Type: 0 - 910 (2.2 Litre Turbo)
Restraint System: B - Driver SIR Inflatible Restraints + Active Belts
Check Digit: X
Model Year: L - 1990
Assembly Plant: H - Hethel
Market (Chassis): F - 50 States (USA), LHD With Catalyst
Market (Engine): 6 - 50 States (USA), LHD With Catalyst
Serial Number: 5473

Engine Number: LP910 8910 26672
Market: L - USA/EEC/Japan
Engine Equipment: P - High Compression With A/C
Engine Type: 910 - 910 (2.2 Litre Turbo)
Engine Build Date: 8910 - 1989, October
Engine Serial Number: 26672

Transaxle / Transmission Number: 1675

Date of Manufacture (Assemble Line Roll Off): Nov 10th 1989

Body Color: Red in colour, ICI code A23

Trim Color: Gold Leather and Sand Carpet

Options: Compomotive Roof, Air Bag Model, Air Conditioning, Tinted Glass