10/2005 - CAR SOLD.

April 22nd, 2005 - Took the engine down to just the block, heads and oil pan in order to get it rebuilt at a place called Competition Engines in Eagan, MN.

April 13th, 2005 - The car came back to my house in the morning. Got the engine block seperated from the tranny and torque converter and put on a rolling stand.

April 12th, 2005 - Got the engine and tranny pulled from the car. Dropped the exhaust out, took out the back window and the surrounding trim, removed all the wiring from the engine bay, took the driveshaft out, took the rusty battery tray out, took my windshield wiper controls and arms out, and also replcaed the spoke rims with some old rims.

April 8th, 2005 - Got the car in to South Side Automotive where I work and started prepwork to get the engine pulled.

March 27th, 2005 - Took the radiator off, as well as the fan shroud and fan.

March 23rd, 2005 - Got some Porter steel-pack mufflers.

March 16th, 2005 - Got some chrome parts today. Lower alternator bracket, lower power steering pump bracket, upper power steering bracket, air cleaner with filter, battery hold down, and power steering dipstick cover. Also recieved a pair of black star pattern sail panels for the interior.

February 12th, 2005 - Took the front windshield out of the car and did some more prep-work on the interior.

February 5th, 2005 - Backed the car out in the diveway and finished taking the side windows out. With the whole sanding down process, we found a small hole in the floorpan under the drivers seat. My Dad and I patched the top of it with riveted in sheet metal with a seal of caulking around the edges. The floor brace itself will have to be replaced from the other side later. I also completed cleaning the floors and primed them for paint.

January 24th, 2005 - Resumed the tear down process after a long cold wait. The floor insulation under the carpet was stuck to the floor quite nicely so I had to go in and scrape everything off in order to get the floorpans and interior ready for sanding and paint prep. I also finished taking out the rest of the dash items like the ignition, wiper control and the lighter.

October 2004 - Throughout the month of October, the trunk was stripped and sanded down and was eventually painted wwith grey and white spatter paint. A small rust hole was filled in as well.

September 2004 - Started the teardown on the car. This included taking the majority of the mouldings off, taking the bumpers off, taking the side windows out, and disconnecting the dash and all electrical parts. Most of the stuff was either saved in boxes or disposed of because it was no longer usable.

05/06/04 - Got the PAINT!!!  It is PPG Flamyoyance Red with Orange topcoat. Its kind of a pearl red basecoat with lots of sparklies/flake and then over the top of that goes the orange candy-ish topcoat, followed by LOADS of clear!

07/30/03 - Installed a new upper A-arm assembly for the passenger side, complete with new bushings. The old one was missing both bushings and the rod that goes through the holes on both "ears" was wearing down.

06/09/03 - Got a new starter and put it in.

05/15/03 - Took the car down to the shop down the street and had them throw a new exhaust gasket on as well as a heat riser and exhaust donut. I also had them throw a new starter in because the old one went bad.

04/25/03 - I dropped a new radiator in the car beacuse the old one's tubes were clogged up and the metal parts in the front of it were all scrunched together. The one I put in is supposed to be for a 63 but it fits quite nicely with the new holes I made for it. I also put new top and bottom radiator hoses on because the old ones were in pretty bad shape. Other things replaced include the accelerator pedal spring and a little bracket to hold that in place.

09/13/02 - I got a new battery, new sparkplug wires, and a new rotor. Then I had a place up the street replace the points, distributor cap, a leaky exhaust gasket and they also timed it correctly and pressure washed the engine.

09/18/01 - I got a new carbeurator. I got the 670 CFM Holley Street Avenger. I put that on and it runs lke a charm. I did have to do some repairs to some of the vacuum lines because there was a leak in some of them, but nothing to big. Damn it runs so smooth now.

06-24-01 - I added a lot of small little miscellaneous things to my car to kinda give it that custom touch. At the car show this weekend, I purchased some tail light lenses that have blue dots installed on them. Blue dots are little pieces of faceted blue glass with a small bezel around them that you mount on your tail lights so when you step on the brakes, the back lights up with a really cool purplish glow. I added those and I got some little dice door locks, and dice valve stem covers. I also got some headlight half-shields.

06-21-01 - I degreased the engine so all the dirt and grime came off and it looks all shiny now!

06-14-01 - I had a new thermostat put in by the good people of Southtown Citgo down on the corner. My car had been overheating for a while and I was told that this should (and it did) fix the problem.

03-27-01 - I got my rims mounted and balanced at Firestone. They also replaced a stud that was missing from the rear passenger side hub.

02-10-01 - I got some new rims and tires for my car. I got triple gold, 14x7 reverse, 100 spoke, Player Wire Wheel knockoffs. The tires are 175/75/R-14 whitewalls (steel-belted radials).

07-05-00 - When I started the car up, the carb started leaking gas for some reason. Luckily I had the hood open to check the transmission fluid so I cought it before I went out and drove it. We just replaced the o-rings on the fuel rail and that took care of that problem.

03-16-00 - The headliner in the interior was replaced as well as the material on the sunvisors, because there were a few rips that made it look bad. It was replaced with the original pattern that was used: black vinyl with little black stars.

02-03-00 - New front shocks were installed. The gas filler tube had a small leak, so when we poured gas, some of it would run out a little crack near the bottom. Gas would also start to leak out if I took a corner too sharply and caused it to splash up there. I just had a gas station down on the corner replace that.

09-30-99 - We had the engine completely tuned up. We took it to a guy that my Dad has known for a while. The timing was adjusted, the accelerator pump in the carb was replaced and the rest of the carb and it's passages were cleaned. We also had him replace a broken valve spring that he found while looking through everything. Both of the valve cover gaskets were also replaced.

09-16-99 - A new Pinion seal was installed, and the yoke sleeve was repaired.

08-20-99 - A lot of miscellaneous stuff was done by Jody Anderson of South Side Automotive. A new hood hinge was put on and new rear shocks installed. The little wire that connects to the signal light switch inside the steering column had snapped earlier in the cars life. The car has a tilt-column steering wheel, which in 1964 had the problem where the wire was prone to snapping if you tilted the wheel too far up, which is exactly what happened to mine. So we had him replace that, as well as the signal switch inside the column. We also had him replace the seal that goes around the steering column into the dash.

08-11-99 - The drive shaft was taken out, rebuilt and replaced, because it had a bad hangar bearing and some other stuff wrong with it. The passanger side exhaust gasket was replaced also.

08-05-99 - A few days after we got the car home, we noticed the transmission wasn't performing as good as it should have been, so we took it over to the transmission center and had them remove, rebuild and replace the transmision, torque converter and pump. They checked the clutches, and all the gaskets and replaced whatever gaskets that were needed. The fluid and filter were also replaced.

07-31-99 - The day I actually purchased the car. We (my Dad and I) went to Dickinson, North Dakota to pick it up and drive it home. Before we could actually do anything with it, some minor work was needed to make it drivable. It was sitting in the parking lot of a tire and auto shop, so we had them change the oil and filter, replace a control arm, do a front-end alignment, and change some of the bulbs in the tail-lights. We told them we would be back to pick it up later that day, and when we got back, they told us that the tire on the front passenger side was bad, so we had them replace and balance that. After we got it out of the shop and were on our way to my cousins house, the car ran out of gas. We called the owner and he told us he only out a tiny amount of gas in, so we filled it up and to our surprise, the gas tank started leaking all over the pavement. What had happened is when the previous owner instelled the sub-woofers in the trunk, he drilled some holes directly through the sheetmetal and into the gas tank. We called him and he offered to weld it with no charge to us. After those problems, we were on our way home.

The car was in really good condition. The frame was perfect, the paint was in OK condition with a little bit of hail dents and scratches in a few places. Overall, the car looked like a decent driver.
The engine was in decent condition. It looked a little ratty and dusty.
The interior was looking really nice. The seat covers were already covered with new material. There were a few rips in the black vinyl material and the headliner was coming down. I also took out the dingleballs and poorly done window tint:
The chrome and paint were in somewhat ok shape. A lot of the chrome (most of it) had little dings and scratches and creases.

Summer of '99 - (How I came upon the car) I was sitting at home one day on the computer when I got a call from my cousin in North Dakota. He told me that there was a '64 Impala for sale up there but he didn't know how much. I gave him my e-mail address and later that day, I got an e-mail from the owner with a few pictures. He said he wanted $6700 for it. It looked really nice so when my Dad got home I had him take a look at the e-mail. Sometime in the next few days, we called my cousin back and told him to go over and test drive it. He did and called us back to report that the car was in good running shape. My Dad then took out a loan, which I payed off, and we were on our way to North Dakota to get it!


Dates below this line indicate dates that the car was not yet in my ownership. All work performed here was done through the previous owner.

11/11/94 - New seat covers were put on by a place in North Dakota called the Fix It Shop. They are black vinly (leather) with an "indy burgundy" type of velvety material on the inner parts of the seats.

11/05/94 - Some radiator work done to the car.

10/24/94 - The subwoofers were installed in the trunk. A lot of wood was bought in order to make the box in the trunk. The whole enclosure hid the two 12-inch Pioneers with just an amp on the outside showing. The subs were in a box that was slid up behind the rear seat.

10/13/94 - A cheap Wal-Mart car alarm was installed.

09/15/94 - A new front windshield was put in the car.

07/13/94 - Exhaust work. Dual 12 inch Glasspacks were put on.

07/09/94 - New Valve covers were put on the engine.

07/06/94 - Lots of engine work. The shop the car was brought to did the following: knull valves, clean block, bore block, and grind shaft.

07/05/94 - A new Crane Cams camshaft was installed and also an oil filler adapter was put in.

06/30/94 - Engine work. The valves were ground.



4 - Model year - 4 means 1964.

18 - Series - 18 means Impala, V8.

47 - Body style - 47 means 2 door Sport coupe.

J - Assembly plant - J stands for the Chevy plant in Janesville, Wisconsin.

279428 - Production serial number - My car is number 279,428 out of 442,292. The numbers start at 100,001.



5B - Time built code - This means the body was made sometime in the second week of May.

64-1847 - Body style - 64 means 1964, and 1847 stands for 2 door Sport coupe, V8.

JA 31 384 - Body assembly plant and code - JA means the body was made at the Janesville, Wisconsin Chevy plant, and the rest of the code has yet to be determined.

811 - Trim code - 811 means the car came with black cloth (bench) material in the interior.

948 - Paint code - 948 means the car was originally painted a dark red "Palomar Maroon".

W C - Accessory code - W stands for "Tinted Widows" and C stands for "Padded Dash" which were both accessories that came with the car.



F - Assembly plant - F stands for Flint, Michigan.

05 - Month - 05 means May.

04 - Day - 04 means the 4th.

S - Suffix code - S means 327 Powerglide, 250 HP, R.P.O. = L-30, Intake = 1x4, Comp: 10.5:1





Original 327 rebuilt retaining 10.5/1 compression ratio

Bored .030 Over

Rebulit Powerglide (2-Speed Automatic) Transmission

275 Horespower

Holley 670 CFM Street Avenger Carburetor

Offenhauser Intake Manifold

Crane Cams Mild Hydraulic Camshaft

Dual 15-Inch Glasspacks