There have been many little toys and scale replicas that have come out in the past of the Mini Uzi. Here are all of them that I could find! If you know of any that are not on this list, please contact me!

- 1/1 SCALE:

KWC Airsoft & BB Gun, current:

There are a lot of branded C02 and airsoft Mini Uzi guns out there and it is very confusing to know which one is which. From what I know, KWC came out with the Mini UZI first, in 6mm airsoft and then adapted it to have anothrt .177 BB version. Later KWC shared the design with Western Arms and they released their own copy of KWC's airsoft gun, only this time using a plastic bolt instead of a metal one and a higher quality piston head to handle the power of the C02, also lowering the FPS to around 300 FPs to co-incide with Japanese regulations. The Western Arms gun is built using slightly higher quality materials and better quality control. The Western Arms mags are perfect clones of the KWC ones, only they use a valve system for 134a/Green gas instead of requiring a CO2 cartridge. The WA mags dont have the huge brass valve on the bottom, it only has a small hole for charging the gas. Internally, KWC has a big metal bolt to handle the power of CO2, while the Western Arms bolt is plastc.
There are different versions of the KWC gun. The first version is known as the non-export version and fires at about 450+ FPS. It is difficult to get a full magazine's worth of BBs on one Co2 powerlet, especially on full auto. The newer export version fires at about 360 FPS, and can easily get through a full mag of BBs even on full auto. The export one is generally rebranded in the US by Cybergun who is an importer / rebrander. The export version has been tuned to be much more useable and solves this problem via a new piston design. KWC also has a new "updated 2011 model" from KWC which has less fps, but the trigger now locks when there is no more BBs in the magazine. I believe all of the Cybergun imports only fire in semi auto but this is easily fixed by sanding down a small tab on the inside of the receiver and instructions are readily available on the internet.

Crossman Z-77 BB Gun, 1987 - 1989:

Fired .177 cal BBs. Was essentially a P-38 BB gun inside an Uzi shell.

Kokusai Airsoft Gun, 1995:

Fired 6mm airsoft BBs.

Echo Electronic Uzi, 1985:

Electronic sounds, lights and smoke coming out of  the barrel.

Daisy Model 13 "Shell Ejecting" Softair Gun, 1986 - 1987:

Had little shells that you could fill with a BB. The BB would fire and you would then cock the charging handle which would eject the empty shell and load another round. Appears to be the same mould as the Echo.

Crack Shot Uzi Rifle, unknown:

Fired little yellow BBs.

Big Shot Dart Gun, 1985:

Larami Motorized Water Gun, 1985:

Had both electronic machine gun sound and shot repeat bursts of water up to 30 feet. Fully retractable stock and removable water-holding magazine.

Daisy Water Gun, 1984 - 1986:

Featured a mecanical friction rat-a-tat sound and 2 removable water holding magazines.

Radio Shack Water Gun, 1980s:

Battery operated water gun from the 80s that fires from a removable water magazine.

Larami Sound Gun, 1987:

Features a selector switch that chooses between semi and full automatic sound effects and a removable magazine.

Larami Motorized Cap Gun, unknown:

Same mold as the Larami Sound gun. This one fires off roll caps automatically like a machine gun.

Friction Sound "Commando" Gun, current:

Features a mechanical friction rat-a-tat sound.

Water Gun Uzi, current:
Features a mecanical friction rat-a-tat sound and 2 removable water holding magazines. Looks to be a mould of the old Daisy water gun from the 80s.

Misc Water Gun Uzis, unknown:



Lighter from an unknown company found on ebay. Has a laser built in.

- 1/3 SCALE:


One off. All metal construction, full functional stock, magazine with scale bullets, charging mechanism, bolt assembly and ejection.

- 1/6 SCALE:

Sideshow Collectibles - Snake Eyes 12" Action Figure, 2009:

Dam Toys - Gngster Kindom 12" Action Figure, 2015:

21st Century Toys / Ultimate Soldier - Villains Series - Hans and Yuri 12" Action Figure, 2002:

G.I. Joe - "The Rise of Cobra" - Snake Eyes 12" Action Figure, 2009:

G.I.. Joe - "Karate Choppin' Snake Eyes", 12" Action Figure, 1994:

- 1/18 SCALE:

G. I. Joe - 25th Anniversary - Snake Eyes 3 3/4" Action Figure, 2008:

G. I. Joe - Snake Eyes 3 3/4" Action Figure, 1989:

G.I. Joe - Snake Eyes / Swamp Rat 3 3/4" Action Figure Combo Pack, 2005:

G.I. Joe - Cobra Ninja Viper 3 3/4" Action Figure, 2008:

Mega Construx Call of Duty Hazmat Tech 3 3/1" Action Figure, 2017:


Custom Lego:

Kre-O - Snake Eyes Minifigure, 2013: