A long time ago I was browsing the internet for gun related things and came across THIS great Japanese site featuring all sorts of these little graphics of every sort of gun you could ever image, all sorted by country of origin. Of course I had to immediately head to the Isreal section to see if there was any Uzis. Low and behold, the site creator had every model of Uzi represented nicely! Here they all are:

Full size, closed stock:

Full size, open stock:

Full size, wood stock:




I went through every gun on the site and checked to see if there was any accessories added to any of them that would be standard for the Uzi. The chart below illustrates my findings. Some of the accessories had to be customized to make them appropriate for the Uzi and some things had to be made completely from scratch.

With all the accessories on this chart, you can use Microsoft Paint and customize the initial Uzis above to make just about any variant out there! Some things that dont exist on the chart like the closed mini and micro stocks can be made by simply mirroring the existing stock on the gun on the horizantal plane. Here are some examples of some I have completed:

Roverdave from uzitalk.com's gun. It has a three lug barrel, Barrelxchange mini rail, Docter Optic sight and I removed the two ribs on the rear since its a Group Industries receiver:

Israel Defense Force mini with the bayonet lug mounted rail with TDI grip, 2 stage Sionics style suppressor and a Meprolight M21 sight:

Full size with a wood stock, top cover optics mount, red dot, 25rd magazine and a bayonet:

Full size with integrated vertical front grip that I made from scratch:

Mini "First Responder" police carbine:

As you can see, there are near endless possibilities here. I am in the proces of trying to get all of these parts on to some sort of program where you just click what gun you want and what parts you want on it and it will do the rest for you. Stay tuned!