My Vector Arms / IMI 9mm Semi Auto Mini Uzi SBR
Information and pictures of my Vector Arms Mini Uzi pistol that was transformed into a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR).
Lots of general information on the semi automatic Mini Uzi and its history as well.
Semi Auto Mini Uzi Parts Breakdown
Information on every last part in the semi automatic Mini Uzi, right down to the screws.
Uzi Accessories Collection
A listing of all the collectibles and accessories related to the Mini Uzi.
Uzi Toys Collection
A listing of all the scale toys and replicas related to the Mini Uzi.
Uzis In The Movies List
The definitive catalog of movies in which the Uzi and all of its variants have been seen on the silver screen.
"Pimp My Uzi"
A collection of small sprite-like Uzi graphics with accessories for you to customize your own uzi however you want it!
Uzi Videos
Random videos of me with the Uzi.
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