Goldeneye - 1995

At the beginning of this movie agent 006 and Bond are both seen wearing the quartz movement version of the Seamaster 300 Pro, model number 2541.80.00:

Both 006 and 007s watches are on custom leather straps instead of the steel bracelet they come with standard.

The events in this pre-credits sequence are supposed to take place in 1987, seven years before the rest of the film. The funny thing is, the watch shown didnt actually come out until 1993. After the opening sequence the timeframe of the movie jumps forward 9 years and Bonds watch now has the steel bracelet on his 2541.80.00

Later on in the film Bond gets captured on a train that is about to explode. Bond uses his watch to cut through the floor of the train that he and Natalya are trapped on, in order to escape. A laser beam powerful enough to cut the one inch thick armor plating of the train shoots out of the marker on the bezel.

Bond gets cought another time by the trader 006 and is stripped of his posessions, including his watch which 006 compares to the old leather strapped model he is still wearing.

The watch is also equipped with a remote explosive detonator control button in place of the helium escape valve. Bond attaches mines to a number of barrels of flammable liquid in Alec's Cuban base, but Alec de-activates them by pressing the button on the watch.

A red LED light blinks on the bezel marking indicating that the mines are armed.

Tomorrow Never Dies - 1997

During the intro credits to this movie, there is an x-ray shot of the watch to be used throughout this film.

Bond has now upgraded to the automatic chronometer version of the Omega Seamaster, model 2531.80.00

When Bond ends up at Wai Lin's hideout and is gearing up with equipment, he puts on a new Seamaster that Wai Lin has in her arsenal and explains "This looks familiar". Wai Lin informs him that the Chinese Secret Service has made a few new improvements to the watch.

The watch is now outfitted with a small removable detonator. It comes out of the back of the watch when the helium escape valve is pulled on.

While on Carver's stealth boat, Bond puts an activated grenade inside a glass jar to hold the grenade arm down, and tapes the detonator to the glass. He places this bomb on top of a fuel barrel.

When Bond needs a backup plan to escape, he sets off the detonator by twisting the bezel of the watch. Blue LED activation lights run symetrically down and up the hour markers on both sides of the watch. The detonator goes off, breaking the glass and releaseing the grenade. This blows a hole in the stealth ship causing it to be seen on radar.

The World Is Not Enough - 1999

Bond once again wears 2531.80.00 throughout the entire movie. There are two modifications to this movie's model.

The first is an illumination light that is used when 007 and Electra get trapped in an avalanche, and 007's  inflatible ski jacket forms a dark, protective bubble around them. There are blue LED lights at all of the hour markers on the watches face as well as another ring of LEDs just inside that. The light is activated by turning the bezel.

The other is a piton / grappling hook. When bond is trapped in Kazakhstan at the bottom of a nuclear bunker inspection pit, he uses it to grapple 50 feet up to the roof and follow Renard. Twisting the bezel brings out the hook and pressing the helium escape valve button shoots it.

The bezel spins as the wire is extending.

Die Another Day - 2002

Bond once again wears 2531.80.00 throughout the entire movie this time outfitted with some previously used, but more modified gadgets.

In the beginning of the movie, Bond uses a new style detonator, inserted in a block of C4 hidden in a briefcase behind a tray full of diamonds. The helium release valve pulls put to reveal a pin that is actually a detonator for the C4.

Pressing down on the crown activates the detonator and a red LED blinks on the end of it.

In order to escape, bond sets off the detonator by twisting the bezel. This sets off the C4 which explodes and sends diamonds into the face of Zao, giving him a permanently disfigured face embedded with diamonds.

Later in the movie, Q gives 007 a new Seamaster and claims that it is his "20th one". This new watch gets used in order to gain access to Gustav Graves' compound. 007 uses a built in laser that can cut through ice. This time the beam shoots out of the crown of the watch and seems to be activated by pressing down on the actual face of the watch.

To mark the 40th anniversary of agent 007's first appearance on the screen and the release of Die Another Day, Omega unveiled a special 007 edition of the Seamaster Professional 300m, model number 2537.80.00. It proudly displayed the 007 gun logo as a pattern on the distinctively blue dial. The case back of the Omega James Bond watch spotlighted the commemorative inscription - "40 Years of James Bond - Limited Series" and the limited-series number engraved at 6 o'clock. The model was produced in a limited edition of 10,007 pieces.

In 2006, Omega presented one more Seamaster James Bond Limited Edition destined to become one of the first models equipped with the Omega propriety Co-Axial Escapement, model number 2226.80.00. It was also developed in a limited edition of 10,007 pieces. The dark blue dial had the second hand with the 007 gun logo as a counterweight.

Casino Royale - 2006

Daniel Craig's first movie as James Bond has him wearing model number 2900.50.91. This is a 45mm Planet Ocean with a black face and a black rubber strap. This watch features no spy gadgets.

It is visible for about the first quarter of the movie.

Later on in the movie when Bond changes into a more fancy outfit to play cards, we see him wearing model number 2220.80.00, a coaxial Seamaster Pro with a blue dial very similar to the Brosnan watch..He wears this one for the remainder of the movie. This watch also does not feature any traditional Bond spy gadgets.

One does not get a very good look at the watch until later in the movie however.

To coincide with the release of Casino Royale, Omega released a limited version of the Planet Ocean seen in the film. The watch, model number 2907.50.91, was limited to just 5,007 pieces and of those, only 10% were allocated to the United States market. It featured the black rubber wrist strap and the 007 gun logo as the second hand counter-balance.

Quantum Of Solace - 2008

We see James Bond again wearing a Planet Ocean in this movie, but this time it is model number 2201.50.00, a smaller 42mm Planet Ocean with a black face and full steel band. Once again, this watch does not feature any spy gadgets. This watch is worn for the entire movie.

Omega released one special edition for this movie and another shortly after as a "James Bond Collector's Piece".

The Quantum of Solace watch was model number This model featured a face that had a checker pattern of that found on the grip of a Walther PPK, James Bond's gun of choice. The crystal of the watch has the Quantum of Solace logo etched in very faintly from the underside. This one is limited to 5,007 pieces.

The "collector's piece", number has a polished, lacquered black dial, spotlights black gold plated hour markers filled with white Super-LumiNova. The luminous hour and minute hands are plated with black gold. The watch features a centeraly-positioned seconds hand with a red tip and a red 007 logo designed as a counterweight and creating a distinctive contrast with the black dial. There were only 10,007 pieces of this exclusive Seamaster model.

Skyfall - 2012

The Bond prequel "Skyfall", once again pairs Bond with an Omega or two. Once again, there are no gadgets associated with these watches. For the first part of the movie, Bond wears a 42mm Planet Ocean, model number It is a black faced model with a new ceramic bezel and a steel bracelet.

The second watch featured in the movie is an Aqua Terra model, number It features a blue face on a 36.5mm case with a steel bracelet.

One limited edition was released to coincide with this movie. It is model number and  features a dial that has a pattern on the background that is similar to the grille of an Aston Martin DB5. There is a 007 logo at the "7" position and the caseback is see-through so one can view the "Skyfall" logo on the watch movement's rotor. This watch is limited to 5,007 pieces.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and to co-incide with the new "Skyfall" film, Omega released two special edition James Bond limited edition watches, each in a different size. Both versions feature OMEGA's calibre 2507 self-winding movement fitted with the revolutionary Co-Axial escapement.

The first version is the standard 41mm Seamaster size, model number It is done in stainless steel and has a black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel with the number "50" marker done in red to emphasize the 50th anniversary. The diving scales are done in matt chromium nitride. The lacquered black dial features a 007 monogram. The case back is designed to look like the barrel of a gun and the rotor has the design of the back of a bullet, visible through a small sapphire window, coated on both sides with an anti-reflective coating. The 41 mm version is limited to 11,007 pieces.

The second version is a bit smaller, at 36.25mm. The watch matches its bigger counterpart with the exception of one small detail. The 7-o'clock position marker is a small diamond, done as a reminder that this watch was made to honour the film history of agent 007. The part number is and is limited to 3,007 pieces.