Welcome to shadeone.com! This is the internet home of all the things I like, collect and write about.


Jurassic Park Filming Locations - The most extensive guide to all of the filming locations from the 1993 movie, Jurassic Park.


1990 Lotus Esprit SE - 04/2006 - 03/2014

 1964 Chevrolet Impala - 07/1999 - 10/2005


MN Big Rigs - My photos of custom semi trucks in Minnesota.


 Uzi - Info on Uzis, including my Mini, it's parts and accessories and other collectibles.


Texas Chili - My guide to my version of this great food!

 Diablo & Doc - My article about the search for the true "Diablo & Doc" meal from the movie "Smokey & The Bandit".


Coca Cola (COMING SOON!!!!)

Timex Watches - A guide to the Timex and U.S. Time watch company advertisements pre-1960. (COMING SOON!!!!)

Papermate Pens - A guide to the Papermate pen company advertisements pre-1960. (COMING SOON!!!!)


Cards on Lucy - A guide to all the appearences and mentions of card games played on the tv show "I Love Lucy".


 Armstrong Interiors - A gallery of conceptual interiors from Armstrong Linoleum Floors, 1941 to 1950.

 Nighthawks: The Search For The Diner - My extensive research page about trying to find the iconic diner portrayed in Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks" painting.

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